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prospectusA prospectus is a document that serves as a contract between you and the mutual fund company whose fund you purchase.  The content of a prospectus is strictly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  It lays out, in considerable detail, exactly

What your investment manager can do with your money – whether they can invest in stocks or bonds, in the US or elsewhere, generally how they decide what to buy and what to sell and what risks you’ll encounter.

How your fund has performed in the past – both in absolute terms and in comparison to a relevant benchmark (for example, an index of stocks comparable to the sort your manager chooses from).  Because taxes can eat into your returns, funds also report how much they’ve made for investors once taxes are factored in.

How much you will pay for their services – which might include a sales commission (from 0 – 5.75% of your initial investment) and will always include your share of the advisor’s annual compensation and overhead expenses (from 0.1% to a heart-stopping 9% of your portfolio).

What the minimum initial investment amount is – which will often vary based on whether it’s in a tax-deferred account and whether you’re willing to sign up for automatic monthly investments.

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iouAn exchange-traded note (ETN) is a sort of IOU backed by financial strength of the institution that issued it.  ETNs are used by sophisticated investors to profit from changes in, say, the stock market volatility index (called VIX) or the price of gold or the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Thai baht.  It is an “uncollateralized debt obligation.”  That means that the issuer does not actually buy any gold, they just promise to compensate you as if they had bought gold on your behalf.  If the issuer goes bankrupt, its ETNs become essentially worthless.

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