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Teresa has been on the team since it formed in 2011.


1. When did you get serious about cycling and why?

Circa 1995, for exercise, socializing and transportation

2. Why do you do this sport? What is it about cycling you like so much?

No bike never left me stranded.  First and foremost, it's a way I can get around under my own power and I can fix it if it breaks down.  I like racing because it makes me push my limits

3. In what bike discipline(s) do you participate?

Cyclocross, MTB and Road

4. What is your favorite bike discipline and why?

If I say which one, certain other bikes will be hurt.

5. What is in your jersey pockets on a ride?

Phone, keys, Clif bar 

6. What is your favorite bike part or bike related item that you own?

My Powertap. Also my Garmin.

What famous person would you like to accompany you on a long ride? What would you talk about?

Steve Carell, talking about life

7. How do you maintain your bike(s)?

With tools!  Mostly by myself because I love fixin' things, but sometimes I let my husband help.

8. What are your favorite things to eat after a long ride or race?

Blue corn chips & hummus.

9. What are some of your most memorable rides, races, or organized events  and why?

Frankenbike because who can forget Frankenbike? 

10. What advice do you have for someone thinking about getting more serious about cycling?

Ride more before you buy more.

11. What are some of your short or long term cycling goals?

Short term - make a full recovery from back injury/fusion surgery.  Get a full suspension MTB and try that.  Race mountain bikes.  Long term - ride well into my 100s 

12. What do you do when you’re not cycling?

Try new music. Cook healthiest food possible and make it tasty. Fix things, solve problems, organize, knit, crochet, walk/hike.

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teamsixonefour We are a four discipline team. We ride year round. We are masters, men, women and juniors participating in tons of events each year.

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